This time of year, people are buzzing about New Year’s resolutions, guessing what the tax changes will be, and all sorts of anxiety-provoking topics.

But you, you’re different. Give yourself a huge pat on the back. You can congratulate yourself on checking the box on most, if not all, of your financial resolutions –  for this year and next! Why?

You’re a Hill Investment Group client. With that single decision, you get to delegate your worry to us, benefitting from:

  • A long-term, low-cost, tax-efficient, and globally diversified investment portfolio
  • A financial plan grounded in your personal goals, your family, the causes, and organizations that you genuinely care about
  • A disciplined, evidence-based investment strategy
  • Tax-aware investment moves made throughout the year
  • Planning strategies that maximize the value of vehicles and benefits available to you
  • Proactive strategies that guide you towards the legacy you hope to leave
  • And the list goes on!

So. Now what? By checking off all of the above, take a few minutes and think about those long-term goals, your family, your health.  What will you resolve to start doing or stop doing with this freedom? What can you do that will enhance your health span, your relationships, the odds that you’ll check off some bucket list items. Do that.

And while you do that, the Hill Investment Group team will continue to do our part to eliminate worry and deliver peace of mind. Our mission is to walk you towards a higher level of financial freedom. We thank you for making us part of your family. It’s great company to be in!

If you’re not a client and want to check off a few items on your New Year’s resolution list, call us or set up a time to get together…face to face or virtually. Cheers!

Hill Investment Group