If you are a Hill Investment Group client, you’re used to our team managing and reviewing your investments and allocation regularly. If you don’t work with us yet, let me ask you when the last time you had a fresh set of eyes review your investment portfolio was?  If it’s been more than 5 years, then it’s time for an objective check-up.  

Why? Too many investors are overpaying for underperforming investments. Or people are heavily concentrated in just a few companies. Or they’ve never rebalanced and are taking on more risk than they originally intended. 

Recently, we talked to one family paying over 2.5% annually on a mutual fund.  By repositioning to a less expensive and more globally diversified ETF, we lowered their fees by 2%. That means they save $20,000 a year in fees for every $1 million invested!    

The best part of a check-up?  It’s complimentary. And you get the eyes and attention of our 3X engineer, Harvard MBA, former Dimensional portfolio manager, CIO Matt Zenz analyzing your holdings and providing transparency into your investments. What’s stopping you? Click here to find a time to chat.

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