In my role, I meet with prospective families searching for a new financial planner. Many people we meet have a specific issue they are trying to solve, but some just have a general sense they could do better.

Recently I asked a potential new family how much they were paying their current financial advisor; they said, “Nothing.” Nothing? In reviewing their statements, we knew they were getting charged 1.00% on the value of the managed assets plus additional fees on the underlying holdings, but I wanted to ensure they knew the answer. After an awkward silence, I asked them if they knew their asset allocation or long-term performance. They didn’t have a good answer for either question.

As a client of Hill Investment Group, we take pride in the clarity and simplicity of our communications and reporting. We always want you to know your asset allocation, portfolio performance, and fees. While many in our industry hide from these vital signs, we lean into ensuring you know them. Awareness brings several benefits to our relationships. If this message seems obvious, we agree, and yet it is rare that we meet with folks who have a clear sense of these three vital answers.

If you have a friend or family member that doesn’t know or can’t get the answers to these “vital signs,” there’s good news. We can help. 

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