Do you want to see and hear an investment legend interviewed by two of the nicest and smartest advisors I know? Tune into this episode of the Rational Reminder podcast with guest Charles Ellis, famous author, investing authority, and a top-notch communicator.

Cameron Passmore cohosts the Rational Reminder and is someone I consider a friend. He and his talented partner, Ben Felix, run one of the best podcasts related to investing. If you like this episode I suggest subscribing to their channel.

Here’s the rundown of what’s covered:

0:00 Intro

4:18 Charley defines a “Loser’s Game”

8:21 Why money management is a loser’s game

11:38 How the market has changed since writing about the loser’s game

19:09 Whether or not the sentiment toward active management is negative

22:03 Types of investor who should not invest in low-cost index funds

30:27 What investors and their advisors should be focused on

37:25 The importance of a well-defined investment policy statement

39:01 What investors can do to protect themselves from themselves

40:43 The most under-appreciated action investors can take to be more successful

50:16 Charley’s opinion on Vanguard’s entry into private equity

55:27 Where Charley sees the biggest future opportunities in the field of investment

1:00:15 What has made Vanguard successful as a company

1:08:14 What Charley has learned about personal motivation and productivity

1:12:04 Charley defines success in his life

1:14:12 Outtake

If you’d rather listen to the episode instead of watching on YouTube here is a link via Apple Podcasts.

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