I’m a long-time fan and follower of both Dr. Peter Attia, a Stanford and John Hopkins-trained physician focused on “healthspan,” and the investment philosophy of David Booth, Co-Founder and Chairman of Dimensional, our core investment partner. Both Attia and Booth espouse our “take the long view” philosophy that is at the core of what we, and our clients, believe is the optimal path forward. That’s great news…because the longer you live, the more important it is to have an investment plan and portfolio that outlives you, and hopefully those you love. Enjoy David Booth’s 1-pager on the parallels between these two important plans and how they apply to your own life, including:

  • No one-size-fits-all solution,
  • No quick fixes, i.e., “take the long view” and
  • It is better to prevent problems rather than fix them later.
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