If you’re a long-time reader of our content, you recognize the name Carl Richards. Carl is the former New York Times writer and artist known as the “sketch guy.” He’s also an author and hosts two podcasts (plus a great friend). What’s the common thread in all his content: money and meaning. Carl lives and works at that intersection. His latest podcast, called 50 Fires, is intended to explore this connection with various successful and thoughtful friends. Here’s a fun place to start if you’re interested in thinking more deeply about what money means to you and your family.

Most of us were first introduced to Chip Gaines on “Fixer Upper,” the blockbuster renovation show where he serves as the genius contractor, adoring husband, and comic relief. In this episode of “50 Fires” Carl’s questioning reveals a different side of Chip–entrepreneurial, spiritual, philosophical, and reflective.
Carl and Chip discuss Chip’s unconventional attitude toward risk, using money as a tool for impact versus a measurement of success, the challenges of raising children in the Instagram era, and Chip’s wife Joanna even makes a surprise cameo.
Click the video below for a sneak peek of an honest conversation about money and meaning with Chip Gaines on this week’s episode of 50 Fires, or click here for the full episode on Apple Podcasts.
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