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Fiduciary or Broker? The Glaring (and costly) Difference.

Sometimes you can’t shake a story because it keeps getting replayed in different forms. You might remember a piece in the NYT written a couple of years ago about a woman who stumbled upon gross misuse of her parent’s retirement money. Her parents’ brokers were mishandling the money for years, to their benefit – one stock had even been sold eight times in the same day, racking up enormous trading fees. It sounds shocking, but unfortunately, it’s an old story that bears repeating. Why? Sometimes we need reminding – employing a fiduciary advisor matters. “Fiduciary” means your advisor is legally bound to work in your best interest. Ask if your broker, or your parent’s broker, is held to this standard. Do you have a fiduciary advisor like Hill Investment Group?

Who Outperforms?

Still stuck trying to outguess the market? Deciding what to buy, when to get in, and when to get out can get expensive quickly. It’s also a losing game for the regular investor. But, what about the pros? Are they consistently outperforming?  

Every year, Dimensional compares the long-term performance of US-based mutual funds. This 2-min video breaks down the results. It turns out fewer professional fund managers outperform their benchmark than would be expected through luck alone. The takeaway: Being a better market guru than the gal next to you is not a way to reliably, repeatably win. 

No Surprise – David Booth Takes the Long View Too


Dimensional Founder and Executive Chairman, David Booth, sat down with Money magazine to give his take on the trending Wall Street topics. It will come as no surprise to our followers that his answers point toward taking the long view.

Should investors give up on value stocks for good? Is the stock market about to burst? Is the crypto frenzy dangerous? Here’s Booth on all that and more.

Read the piece here.


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