Crazy Times – Same Long View

What Happened to Value

New Regulatory Document CRS

5 Minute Audio – The Big Move

Six Ways to Tell the Difference Between Real and Pretend Investors

Laura Vanderkam – The Boss of Time Management

Laura Vanderkam is the authority on time management and productivity.  Her goal is simple and powerful – to help us spend time on the things that matter and less on what doesn’t. Laura has five children, has written a number of successful books, hosts three podcasts, and has a TED talk that’s been viewed over 11 million times! How does she do it all? What are her best tips? Listen below to find out or on Apple.


2020 was certainly a memorable year. For our holiday message, each member of our team shared their own takeaway or sentiment from this year. 

An additional HIGhlight for us is that Nell Schiffer’s husband, Walter, was accepted into to the cardiology fellowship program at WashU, meaning she gets to stay in STL for at least 3-4 more years! Please join us in congratulating them both.

A Message From The Service King

Here at HIG, we are passionate about service and hospitality. What does this really mean for you and your financial life? Listen to John Reagan talk about it in this short message.

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