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Author: Katie Ackerman

HIG Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary!

Coming out of quarantine, our team came together (for the first time in a long time) to celebrate HIG’s 15 year anniversary and have fun while maintaining some social distancing. Matt & Lisa Hall hosted the poolside celebration at their home.

Rick and Matt toasted to the next 15 years and were given a set of crystal glasses (the traditional 15-year gift) by the team. Just as things seemed to be wrapping up – John Reagan was thrown into the pool by the client service team! Since Hill is a real team, everyone  joined in the fun – all 12 of us, took the plunge in our clothes!

The team was gifted shirts to commemorate HIG’s anniversary.

Moments of Celebration

We are serious about our mission to help investors take the long view, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t open to a little fun. “Fun” has been a core value since the founding of Hill Investment Group and the team at HIG had a moment of laughter this month when the famed sportscaster Joe Buck (lower right of image) was a surprise guest on our daily team Zoom call. His humor and impromptu “play-by-play” announcing of our team call gave us a memorable quarantine moment and a boost of energy that has yet to fade.

Being “Zoom Bombed” by a sports legend like Joe Buck made our May, but we’re also excited this month because we are celebrating the anniversaries of two All-Star members of the HIG team. Nell Schiffer (Sheriff) has cranked out three years and PJ McDaniel (McDoogle) has been making things happen for two years with the firm. PJ’s friendly demeanor and passion for extending evidence-based investing to everyone have made him an asset to our group. Nell puts her unique abilities to work by keeping us all in order. Beyond tending to the financial, compliance, and HR functions of our firm, “The Sheriff” is creating structure and workflows, allowing us to provide a higher service level to all of our clients.

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