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Podcast Episode: Tyson Weihs

Tyson Weihs changed the game for pilots through his ForeFlight app. Some people have said he’s responsible for the best aviation software ever produced and single-handedly dragged the aviation world forward. In this episode, Tyson takes us on his career journey, noting pivotal moments like when Steve Jobs first saw his company’s App. Tyson is an entrepreneur, co-founder, and CEO of ForeFlight LLC, the market-leading provider of critically acclaimed, essential, integrated flight application software for aviation. Since its founding in 2007, the company has grown into a multi-national operation with offices in the US and Europe. ForeFlight serves personal, business, military, and commercial flight operations worldwide and has been recognized for the impact it has made in improving flight safety. Tyson serves on several boards, including the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. In 2020, Tyson will be inducted into the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame. Listen below or click here to listen on Apple.


This week we celebrated Abby Crimmins’ second year with HIG and Scott Krajacic’s first. Abby, a huge asset to our team, has taken the reins from John Reagan and now leads the Client Service team. Millennials often get a bad rep for being lazy – but Abby continues to disprove that stereotype every day. Her standard of excellence, can-do attitude, and friendly demeanor have quickly earned the trust of our clients and her teammates alike. Scott is the leader of our Investment Policy Committee and by far the most in-shape member of our team! He has helped improve client relationships by providing clarity to complex questions through technical analysis.

In addition to celebrating anniversaries, we also said farewell to our summer intern, William Bartnett. He was a natural fit on the team and a positive energy source. We immerse our interns in important projects, gaining from their fresh perspective and ideas. William described his experience as “being surrounded by positive focus, growth mindset, and relentless agitation towards excellence.” William gifted our team a signed copy of William Danforth’s I Dare You for our HIG book collection. A quote from Danforth’s book: “I dare you, whoever you are, to share with others the fruits of your daring. Catch a passion for helping others, and a richer life will come back to you.” William will be missed.

To learn more about our internship opportunities, email and visit our Careers page.


On July 1 we celebrated one year with Matt Luzecky on our team. As Matt Hall likes to say, it typically takes at least three years for a team member to be truly valuable, but Luzecky is way ahead of schedule. His contributions to Hillfolio growth, our Client Service team, and integrating our new CRM software have been outstanding. Matt’s quick wit and constant smile are traits we all love. Learn more about Matt.

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